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The search for value continues

Kiwis spent $1.39 billion online on physical goods in the first quarter of 2024 (Q1 2024). Despite the tough economic times, and a lower average spend per transaction, online spending overall was up 2% on Q1 2023. Online’s continued growth this quarter was driven by 19% more online transactions than the same quarter in 2023.

How online shoppers navigated 2023’s rough economic seas

Online spending reached $5.8 billion for 2023, just 4% below 2022’s level. Given how tough the economic conditions were in 2023, the extent shoppers tightened their belts, and the fact that 2022 had an exceptionally strong first quarter due to COVID restrictions, this should be considered a strong result. 

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2022 eCommerce review

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Kiwis spend big but with caution

Kiwis embraced this November’s big online sales events – Click Frenzy, Singles’ Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. While on the surface the numbers were impressive, the real story is the impact that tough economic conditions continue to have on how Kiwis spend.

The start of a new era?

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Preparing for the big sales period ahead

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Q2 2022 - facing the economic reality

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