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Omicron bucks the trend

The relationship between COVID and online shopping took an unexpected turn in Q1 2022. What happened and why?

The economic perspective

Kiwibank’s Chief Economist, Jarrod Kerr, tells us what’s driving our economy and his outlook for the future.
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Q1 2022

Kiwis spent more than $2.2 billion on online shopping in Q1 2022. What drove their shopping behaviours?

The value of sales events

Learn how leading sports supplements provider, Sportsfuel have used sales events to drive customer acquisitions and grow existing customers.

The biggest quarter

See how big the numbers were in Q4 2021 and what drove them, and how this spending compares to 2020’s Q4.

2021’s seismic shopping shift

Find out what drove this year’s growth including the sectors, regions and age-groups that saw the biggest rises.

The biggest sales month

A look at the latest online shopping numbers, trends, and insights for November 2021.

Volume challenges

This special update looks at the online shopping numbers, trends and insights during this period of unprecedented growth.

Spotlight on Auckland

We dive deep into Auckland’s online shopping patterns for the quarter, seeing who’s spending, how often, how much and where it’s going.

Online’s big growth challenge

See how big the numbers were this quarter and what drove them. Compare the year-to-date with last year and pre-Covid days.
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