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How online shoppers navigated 2023’s rough economic seas

Online spending reached $5.8 billion for 2023, just 4% below 2022’s level. Given how tough the economic conditions were in 2023, the extent shoppers tightened their belts, and the fact that 2022 had an exceptionally strong first quarter due to COVID restrictions, this should be considered a strong result. 

Online shoppers hunt for value amid tighter budgets in Q4 2023

Kiwi shoppers spent $1.6 billion online on physical goods in quarter four of 2023 (Q4 2023), up 5% on Q4 2022

Q3 2023 - Shoppers' resilience shines in turbulent times

Online shopping numbers, trends and insights for the third quarter of 2023, highlighting how online shoppers are adapting their behaviours in response to the tough economic conditions.

Creating a great delivery experience

We explore 5 key areas of a great delivery experience that gives you a competitive advantage.
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Top tips for sales events 2023

10 useful tips to attract new shoppers, and grow the value of existing customers, from this year’s sales event days.

Demand for sustainability

Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. Promoting your sustainable business practices so consumers pick your business over others.
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Parcel visibility

Visibility and transparency is important to online shoppers. Renowned neuroscience educator Nathan Wallis joins us in the first of this three-part video series where he shares why online businesses cannot underestimate the importance of visibility in the customer journey.
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eCommerce Market Sentiments Report 2023

Our annual look at how online retailers and shoppers saw the last year and what they are prioritising in the year ahead. Along with key insights, it features two case studies and an expert opinion.

Q1 2023 - the economic cut back

A review of online shopping numbers and trends in the first quarter of 2023, exploring the impact that tough economic conditions had on shopping behaviour.

The Going Global Guide 

Reaching new customers around the world may not be as difficult as you think. In our Going Global Guide we outline some of the things you need to consider to get going.
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