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Growth in a recession

Watch strategist, Debbie Humphrey from Spring talk about the challenges and opportunities of business growth during a recession.

Buy Now Pay Later

BNPL is growing fast in 2020. See who’s signing up.
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Lessons from COVID-19

Tracy Ahern from Au Natural Skinfood talks about how they’ve adapted, and continue to succeed on the global stage, despite COVID-19.

COVID-19 drives online and local

First timers, repeat shoppers or a combination of both? Buying locally, globally or bulk? See all the trends through lockdowns.

How are the sectors tracking through COVID-19?

Groceries. Footwear. Electronics. Books. Who are the winners and losers and what’s driving their results?
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Where did the lockdown spend go?

Not all sectors won in online growth. See who the big winners were.
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What do the experts think?

Prof. Jonathan Elms from Massey University Business School talks to us about how COVID-19 has changed the online world and what that could mean for retailers.

Lockdown drives online highs

New online shoppers are changing the landscape. See who they are and what they are buying.
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The Full Download 2020

Welcome to our third Full Download, our annual in-depth review of eCommerce in New Zealand. This time round we are focused on the retailer, highlighting the trends and the consumer behaviours that continued to drive their growth across all sectors in 2019.

The Full Download 2019

In our second in-depth analysis into the state of eCommerce in New Zealand, we look at the changes in online shopping and consumer behaviour over 2018.