Shopper profiles 2020

Where is spending coming from?

  • The top three regions by sales volume were Auckland ($227m),Wellington ($66m) and Canterbury ($63m).
  • The largest sales growth (compared to November 2019) was in Hawke's Bay (38%), Marlborough (35%) and Nelson (34%)

Who’s spending?

  • The leading age groups by sales volume were 40-45 year olds ($73m) and the 35-40 and 45-50 year olds (with $65m each).
  • The largest sales growth, compared to last year, was in the older 75-80 age group (51%) and in the younger 15-20 age group (36%).

What are they buying?

  • The top sectors by sales volume were Department & Variety  ($120m), Specialty Food, Groceries & Liquor ($108m) and Homewares, Appliances & Electronics ($77m).
  • The largest sales growth (compared to November 2019) was in Homewares, Appliances & Electronics (61%) and Clothing & Footwear (45%).
  • Marketplace sales volumes were up 34% compared to November 2019.
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