eCommerce Market Sentiments Report 2023

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Welcome to the eCommerce Market Sentiments Report, our annual look at how online retailers and shoppers saw the last year and what they are expecting and prioritising in the year ahead. We hope the insights help you grow your online business in 2023 and beyond. In this latest report:

  • Research undertaken in February 2023, shows us that the economic conditions are driving changes in shoppers and retailers priorities. But how aligned are their priorities?
  • We highlight two retailers who are mastering the art of adapting in a dynamic environment. Online retailer The Sleep Store explains how a multi-channel business model is driving their growth. And Animates talks to us about their omnichannel approach and how that’s helping them deliver to their customers’ changing needs.
  • Specialist retail consultants, Retail First, discuss the key changes to the retail sector and where it may be heading.

Download the report and enjoy our latest insights. You can also watch our shopper video to see what shoppers are prioritising in 2023 and watch the Animates video on becoming an omnichannel business.

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Annual eCommerce Review
Woman at Animates shop

Omnichannel customer delivery

Learn how Animates adapted their store network, adding 11 fulfilment centres, to keep delivering what their customers, and their pets, need.

Woman talking about shopping

Shoppers changing expectations

2022’s tough economic conditions drove more changes in online shoppers’ priorities and expectations.