eCommerce Market Sentiments Report 2022

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Welcome to the first eCommerce Market Sentiments Report, our latest resource to help online retailers grow their business.

The eCommerce Market Sentiments Report is an annual look at how online retailers and shoppers saw the last year and what they are expecting and prioritising in the year ahead. In this edition:

  • Research undertaken in April 2022, shows us that online retailers see improving the customer experience as their priority. However it appears the things customers want in their shopping experience aren’t always aligned with what retailers are focused on.   
  • We highlight two online retailers who are mastering the art of adapting in a dynamic environment. High Country Salmon evolved their business model when lockdowns saw the buses stopped bringing business to them. HealthPost are continuously adapting their model to match their customers’ ethical and sustainability expectations.
  • And with the economic environment playing such a key role in shopping expectations, Kiwibank’s Chief Economist, Jarrod Kerr shares his thoughts on the ongoing economic impact of online shopping

We hope the insights in this report help you grow your online business in the year ahead. Download the report below.

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Annual eCommerce Review

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