Demand for sustainability

To buy or not to buy? Environmental sustainability is a key driving factor.

Our 2023 Market Sentiments report showed that consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. It’s a key driving force when they consider where they want to shop. With growing concerns about sustainable practices, consumers are even avoiding businesses who don’t prioritise eco-friendly business practices. 


wouldn’t buy a
product or service from
a company that was not
environmentally responsible.


are prepared to pay
a little more for products or
services from companies
that are environmentally


would shop consciously
such as supporting
local businesses, buying
second-hand, and choosing
options with less packaging. 


With this year’s busy shopping period upon us, look at promoting your sustainable business practices so consumers are aware when they are choosing who to shop with. Being open about the positive choices your business is making could mean consumers pick your business over others. One way of showing your commitment is by using sustainable packaging, something a whopping 72% of Kiwis now expect from retailers. All of NZ Post’s packaging is now sustainable. Take a look at our Sustainability packaging to read more.

Here are five practical steps you can take on your journey to being environmentally sustainable: 

  1. Reviewing your supply chain practices and looking for new ways to be efficient. If you haven’t already, ask your suppliers upstream what measures they are taking also. Be sure to communicate these efforts with your customers 
  2. Provide transparent reporting on your environmental sustainability goals and ambitions, set targets and bring your customers along for the journey. 
  3. Seek advice and support for external experts, this includes companies like Toitū who offer expert services in this area, this is perfect if you don’t know where to start. 
  4. Take a closer look at how you are sending your packaged goods, is there wastage in space or packaging? How can this be improved? There are always ways to enhance your shipping. 
  5. Take measures internally to promote activities with your team, if sustainability is being practiced internally within your business it will make it easier to do it externally. Do you offer cardboard recycling? Is there unnecessary printing? Can you start a programme for your business that educates your team? 

That’s just some of the ways we’re making an effort to do more. Find more information on our website for a deeper dive on NZ Post’s sustainability practices and how we’re delivering a sustainable future

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